manifest hearts desire
manifest hearts desire
Unconditional Love

For Autism 


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7 Secrets for

Manifesting Your Heart's Desire

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How to establish:

  • Success in your work

  • Success in your relationships

  • A regular meditation practice

manifest hearts desire

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Law of Attraction

and Weight Loss

The Weight Drop Workshop 
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Affirmative Contemplation:

I Am Love

  • Begin meditating in 3 minutes

  • Expand your contemplation slowly from 3 to 7 to 20 minutes

  • Bring an awareness of Divine Love into your daily life

  • Harmonize your relationship with yourself

  • Increase self-appreciation, self-esteem, and unconditional love

  • Sleep easily, restfully, and peacefully

  • Wake up happy and begin the day with enthusiasm

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Miracle Tools for Great Relationships

  • Learn How to Attract the Romantic Relationship of Your Dreams

  • Find out How to Harmonize Your Love Relationship

  • Nourish Your Children with Love

  • Abraham-Hicks based processes

  • Easy and fun to do

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The Desire of 
the Heart 
is Connection 
to Source



Dear Friend,

How can you transform 
your current circumstances 
into the life of your dreams?

There is a science of manifesting your life intentionally.  

It's laws, once understood and applied, work every time.

In your YOFA training, you not only learn this science, 
you also develop a practice that consistently increases 
your success.

There is an art of listening to the heart and living its song.  

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Clear the energy patterns that create your 
physical and emotional pain.

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I Am Love  meditation in this video.


Affirmative Contemplation: I Am Love

Affirmative Contemplation: 

I Am Love

Begin meditating in 3 minutes with Rebbie's YOFA system of Affirmative Contemplation.

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Rooted in the Infinite

The Yoga of Alignment

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"On 9 January the most prevalent of the physical symptoms I've had for 8 months went totally away!!!"


"I've been working on healing myself for decades but until you entered my life I could not get to the heart of my depression. It was the THING that ruled my life.
Now free from depression I am moving forward at last. I feel light in spirit and in body. I wake up happy and go to sleep happy. I am for the first time in my life happy with who I am and grateful to be here in this moment, every moment."


"This is an amazing experience. As soon as I signed up, I notice a wonderful change within me. I could feel all my organs just tingling and I suddenly was able to move past the mental blocks on my projects. I just felt less fearful and more confident. Thank you so much for this amazing experience."


"my prosperity has increased incredibly since January. People are flocking to my meditation classes, Heal
Your Life workshops and life coaching. It's incredible. So thank you."


"I feel like cleaning my bedroom 
(its always cluttered). "


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Uncommon Gratitude

Developing Negatives into Positives


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Uncommon Gratitude

This extraordinary system of 
transformation leads you to
appreciate every moment of 
your life, regardless 
of circumstances. 

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Healing Depression through 
Inner Alignment
- or -
How to Achieve 
Joyful Harmonious 
Expressiveness (jhe)



By becoming sensitive to vibration and following your 
inner guidance, your life transforms right before your eyes.

In your YOFA™ training: 

  • you cultivate this sensitivity to energy and develop 
    a tangible relationship with your inner guidance.  

  • You discover your inner strength, grace, and 

  • You recover your natural state of freedom, joy, 
    and empowerment.

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7 Secrets for Manifesting Your Heart's Desire,
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I look forward to connecting with you in whatever way 
serves the love in your heart.

Rebbie Straubing, D.C.






Much of YOFA Training is based on the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.  You can visit their official website and bask in endless wisdom by clicking below.


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"Think of a space in your heart, and think that in the midst of that space a flame is burning. Think of that flame as your own soul.  inside the flame is another effulgent light, and that is the Soul of your soul, God.  Meditate upon that in the heart."

--Swami Vivekananda