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A gift of Alignment for Healing


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Here are comments from participants:

Since this page is getting long, I have highlighted in bold some of the specific benefits these folks are reporting.  I think you'll see we've got a pattern here!  Certain themes are emerging and they are showing themselves to be the first and most immediate benefits of this process. 

Day 1

sending you love and light--i believe your work helped me out a lot today---i handled difficult situations in much different and happier way today

I just signed on this morning and some things are happening that I find amazing. I had had some blood tests that I was really worried about and the doctor called this afternoon to say that even under the most meticulous scrutiny she could find nothing wrong at all. And I had a scheduled appointment with a new chiropracter, who I thought was just a chiropracter, but WOW! is he ever a chiropracter/kinesiologist/acupressurist/intuitive healer! He's the first person ever to understand completely my symptom picture and know what to do about it! Although these two things were already scheduled or in progress before I knew about this experiment, it really feels like this energy has pushed the results into the positive in a magical way.:-)) Thanks so much, I can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings!


I have more energy to day! I am more optimistic today! I see evidence of your work right now!
Ar Lena

Dear Rebbie,
You are a radiant THANKSGIVING GIFT!
I went to yoga this morning with joy in my heart and a dance in my root as I traversed morning traffic in the face of a glorious sunrise.I anticipated my journey into yoga with the happy intention that I would be in alignment with the THANKSGIVING GIFT that was presented to me.
During class my teacher touched me and whispered " I have never seen you so aligned in these warrior postures."
And I FELT it.

My intentions are manifesting so eloquently right now!
In this holy instant I AM intending that I am in alignment with the THANKSGIVING GIFT of healing that was so generously offered.
This holy instant I AM intending to be in alignment with the heaven in your heart, the starlight in your soul, and the miracles of this moment as we move into the spiral of THANKSGIVING together with the "family" and make thanksgiving a perpetual giving.


With divine madness from Maddy

wow - I just signed up when a friend sent me the link, and I have sense of lightness already.

I was feeling some abdominal heaviness for a couple of days.

I was watching TV and came up to check mails. While climbing the

stairs I thought that my tummy felt light... I was wondering how...

When I checked the mails I saw yours.... perhaps your healing helped me

Day 2

I got a feeling this morning that was more intense and lasted about 30 minutes that was exactly like the feeling I get when I do Yoga and meditation every day (but more a lot more intense). It was uplifting and felt like I was floating on the clouds. My day was less stressful than usual and people skills were better. I was more attuned to the feelings of others and actually intuitively felt drawn to their needs. Hopefully the experience tomorrow will be more intense and open new pathways of healing for myself and the people I work with


I am in the UK and have suddenly detached from a complex situation that I had been dealing with for the last (long while). I am no longer attached to the outcome and am happy to go either way when I hear about a particular decision today. I am at a crossroads and I am clear that I am surrendering to my soul and the moment. The uneasy feeling has disappeared from my stomach and I feel relaxed and loved.

Thank You.....

I am grateful to be here now.

Thank you so much for your efforts,

I have been feeling an improvement in my overall feeling. I have seen an increase in body mobility and sleep has improved.

I hope for some other improvements as we go along.


Normally my dreams vanish upon waking, but as I began to wake this morning, I was acutely conscious of a beautiful and very lifelike dream. Then I awoke feeling strangely more peaceful, more coherent, and lighter than I can remember. 

The drawn, sad strained appearance of my face is replaced by one that is younger, happier, more peaceful and attractive. My body feels more comfortable and relaxed--the usual tension and chronic pains are gone. My posture is more relaxed and erect, too. I have waited a while before posting this comment to verify whether this is all really true, and it is! I'm not making this up! I didn't know what to expect, but what is taking place is indeed a miracle. I feel like a child at Christmas, waiting to see what tomorrow will bring--and willing to accept a continuation of this miraculous and joyful harmonious expressiveness. Rebbie, I thank you and bless you--from the deepest place in my heart.


What a gift.... haven't read the book, don't know what you're doing and it slipped my mind that I had enrolled in this program until I got your email today....was wondering why I felt so good!! Light and happy, and aligned. I AM SO GRATEFUL. THANK YOU X 1,000 AD INFINITUM.

Your "thanksgiving link does not seem to work...but the treatment did!  So wonderfully well the first day!  Keep it up...I'll be buying the book soon, already have both 100 things...keep up the great work!!


something really seems to happen. I have been trying really hard to lose my pot belly. But I was not getting anywhere before inspite of regular exercises and diet. I was very frustrated but continued different kind of exercise but quite light... After about one month I measured it today. I could not believe the improvement. I was all along afraid to measure thinking that I would get frustrated more.

Today somehow I was inspired to measure and was quite happy at the outcome. Saying that it happened overnight because of the healing would be farce. But I think your healing gave me courage to measure and feel good about it. I opened the mail box to mail you about this and I saw your second mail... Thanks so much for all the help

yes indeed I feel better too. I ran out of my ibuprofin tablets for back pain, and I just quit using them. I did sleep better, and am doing O.K.
even without the pain pills

I'd like to report that lat night, around 2:00 AM {I'm in Wisconsin] I awoke and felt a very gentle, soothing energy running thru my body, helping to relieve some symptom I've had recently.

Anyway, I feel much better today. Thank you for giving of your time and energy.

                                                    Blessings to  you, and have a joyous Thanksgiving !

I changed my mood today from being rather grumpy to feeling elated and grateful just by focusing on the wonderful and positive things in my life.

Thank you for letting me join this experiment - I have already felt some sort of 'lightness' or just letting things that normally bother me, roll off my shoulder. Very curious to see/feel what happens next. Thanks again!

I had a very 'awake' night last night. I was feeling very energetic and was not able to settle down. As a result I felt very tired and headachy this morning, BUT, that has been replaced this afternoon by a clear head and feeling lighter and more peaceful. I can't wait to see how I sleep tonight! Thank you, many blessings to you.. Lorie

Hi Rebbi

Many thanks for the wonderful experiment and book which i recieved today - its a long way to Africa.....
I had all forgotten about your experiment today. i remember telling my friends at some stage today that i feel so full of energy and bubbly and i wondered where it came from - it was awesome - thank you and i am humbled and grateful to be part of this experiment
Truckloads of Love and Light and Elephant hugs

Wow, What is going on with me? I feel like I have'nt in a long time.I hope I can hold this feeling!

First let me say thank you for offering this gift. I have noticed that I am feeling lighter and I haven't been getting as anxious. I've had a feeling of calm that is surrounding me. It feels great!!


I am reading the Intro of "Rooted in the Infinite" and finding great value in it. First and foremost I am appreciating the 2 agreements:
To honor the Divinity of, and have compassion for the Humanity of everyone, including ourselves.
What a beautiful Ground of Being!

It's a real challenge over here in Israel, where we are confronted on all sides by those who would annihilate us! The Universal Law of "you shift, they shift," will surely apply. In any case, I continue fulltime Lightworking.

Your jhe sessions are undoubtedly helping in a little drama playing itself out involving the people in whose apt. I am staying.
It started off very messy before the experiment and is resolving itself nicely.

In Love, Light and Gratitude,

My energy was very high today and still is this evening as well. It spilled over into the other people around me today, also, and it was so noticable!
Thank you for your wonderful offering.

hi Rebbie,

i have been struggling with a recurrent issue for many months now, fearing my shadow more than anything else. even if i have been using a combination of different, powerful healing modalities, i can attest that it is today exactly that i finally feel free enough to give my enthousiasm full rein in the face of possible failure. i have also contacted two people with an important message, one of which at least i have not written for weeks. i am grateful for these wonderful expressions of abundace, love and serendipity... thank you!

Salutations Rebbie!

Let me just note that today I felt a sense of calm that was serene and almost diaphanous-like. Thank you for your gift. I pray you will receive 100 fold for your commitment to each person wanting to receive the blessing of your generous and sweet spirit. 

Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless!

More friends and neighbors have been coming round. I'm feeling more positive and hopeful. There is a subtle shift in my ability to start the day in a positive direction with intention and productive action. 

Maybe it's simply part of the flow within the alignment at large of Thanksgiving -- homecomings, attitudes of gratitude, a pervasive spirit of thankfulness, appreciation for what greater good we have and what good we can do, and making time to count our blessings and just plain old being thankful. 

Whatever, it is a joyful, harmonious, expression and I am thankful. 

Yup ,
Today I feel lighter and more positive about absoluteley everything. 
I also have been procrastinating about a project I need to do....and feeling like it was too hard and not sure how to achieve it yet today I went into the office and absoluteley blitzed it.....yup completed it in a day with NO STRESS....just did it and it was easy......God I love positivity.....yeehaa to the laws of attraction....i feel so good...and at peace...thank you to the universe for bringing me here to this site......just when i really needed it...thank you rebbie for your time, dedication and love....may the universe bring prosperity on all fronts into your life

Hugs and kisses to all

Dear Rebbie, 

Thank you for your attunement.  Your kindness has also lightened up my mood at what can be a difficult time of the year for me.  The "blues" seem to be disappearing and I am finding more energy and courage to move forward in my life.

 May you be blessed with loving kindness, good health and prosperity.

hi rebbie,

happy thanksgiving!! i couldn't figure out how to get onto your blog, so iam going this route to let you know how grateful i am to be on your "list' for the "yofa experimlent" is definitely working for me!!! you are have remotely shifted my vibration in a particular situation where i have been struggling to do so for months, and i don't know what came over me today, but my attiude (or resistance) shifted immediatedly and without conscious thought from me, and i felt happy and light the entire day,, and the repercusssions were amazing,,,,,,,,,i have your book and am spreading the word about you to anyone i think is open to your wisdom........god bless,

Day 3

Thank you so much Rebbie for what you are doing for us. I find I am more in lightness in this very uncomfortable time. I am opening more and more to the flow and I feel it is the sessions you are doing that is helping speed this process. I feel the softness in my stillness. As I feel my lightness and softness I can see the effects on those around me. I am in deep appreciation for what you are doing for all of us. Thank you for your wondrous and generous gift. WOW!  

Blessings and Love, Joy

Greetings Rebbie

Signed up yesterday evening to receive your blessings. Felt quite energized this morning between 8 and 8:30 (approximately). Sent love and light to you between 8:30 – 9 a.m. Spent the day quietly writing, researching, and writing more. Took a break to prepare dinner. Then quite unexpectedly this evening about 5 – 5:30 p.m. my heart felt full and joyous. I had a wonderful sense of well being which continues. It was more than I usually feel after writing. And then I remembered you. Thank you so much for this gift of healing light and love. Please know that I offer it to you in return.

Good Morning Rebbie,
Don't know if this is related to what your doing but I suspect it is.
Yesterday I came across an article about body images and the author suggested that we ask our body to send up an image that showed us how it felt, and then ask this image what it wanted to tell us.
My body sent up a picture of a marble statue of a Greek/Roman woman with a voluptuous form dressed in long toga. I thought, well that's not so bad, but then the statue began to crack and crumble, and out steped this smaller, slender, more fairy like creature in short toga and high boots, sort of a 'Wonder Woman' image, complete with large wings and magnificent irredencent aura !
She explained that the marble statue represented my limiting beliefs about what I thought was possible for my body at this age, but she, my Real Inner Being,was magical and much more fluid if I would just quite over defining myself. I felt an immediate release of major resistence and feel much lighter and freer of movement today.
Keep up the excellent work and thank you again !

Good Day! I am very pleased to be involved in this, thank you very much! I have been feeling those joyful goosebumps of you know what I mean? Also, I just happened to watch the DVD "The Secret" on the first day of this without realizing it. Coincidence? I don't think so!

Hi Rebbie: I am truly thrillled with this experiment and your generosity, as always is boundless! Since late into Day 1, I became aware of the lightness in my being, regarding the healing that I am focusing on in this one week. I am finding that my faith in the Universe is stronger than ever before, there is an inner knowingness that is amazing, and my resistance is decreasing daily! I am feeling emotionally balanced, lighter, more in sync with my higher self and just plain joyful, calmer and self-assured. Thanks for this great gift! Happy Thanksgiving from Toronto! :)

Hi Rebbie,

On monday I was feeling sick, some kind of allergy, it was still bad on tuesday morning but it faded without taking any medication. Today I st in the car and started singing and felt quite elated and with a lot of energy. I also put my parents on the list today, they're not into alternative healing but I'm really curious about the effect it will have. I gave some healing today and I have the impression it's working stronger than usual. Wonderful!! We don't celebrate Thanksgiving over here but it's actually a wonderful idea!

I had felt a block in writing my senior project, having some basic information yet not a real idea of how to continue. Yesterday afternoon a completely new healing approach unfolded to me, which fit exactly into my paper. I feel so grateful! (and I will do within the given deadline!!!)

Hi Rebbie!

Feeling lots of Peace and Harmony after a period of dissension. Thank you for all you do. Happy Thanksgiving. Namaste

Dear Rebbie,
I wish you and yours a beautiful Thanksgiving celebration, and thank you so much for your great generosity and comittment to this important and uplifting work. 
I am experiencing much greater focus and exponentially faster manifesting of my emotionally charged intentions, and personal truths. Thank you for your most empowering Gift!
Love and Light, and continued success,

This is the 2nd day for me. It is Thanksgiving. Before getting ready for the day, I was sitting in my living room, looking out the window at the trees that had frost on them. The sun was up, starting to melt the frost and they looked like crystals! Very colorful. I enjoyed this SO much. Then I felt tired from reading and curled up on the couch to take a quick nap and noticed just how good that felt. It felt so good that I didn't take a nap, I just enjoyed the feeling. So, I am getting more joy. Thank You! What a great start for my day!!

i felt lighter in spirit positive, cheery mood was even commented on!!! 
also i handled some stressful situations with more calm and less panic than i'm sure i would have normally...i feel good!!!
thank you so much!!!
peace love and happiness

Hi Rebbie!
The past few months have been worst beyond anything for me and today for some reason the thoughts that usually make me feel sad, have absolutely no effect on me!
It feels really good!! :)

Thank you so much! I havnt woken up feeling this good in months!!! :D

All my Love,

Yes, it is a day of thanksgiving. I've had some back issues which seem to be easing, and even though my car blew up its engine on the way to thanksgiving dinnner in another city, hey, I'm ok with that. I really relate to the statement of "dynamically align(ing) with your inner essence regardless of the challenges of the moment". By the way, Rebbie, I had an amazing yoga session this morning, and the thought of what you are doing popped into my heart, and I sent a giant wave out to you, my sister. Thank you, and know that you, too, are in my "Namaste set". Peace.

i sit here in the presence of what is, to date, one of the most beautiful states of bliss that i have been able to imagine, that i have been able to create in my life - listnening to my two 20 something children create music togehter.

what i have thought from my first reading of this thanksgiving offering just resonates more strongly as i read the responses.

we are all always moving toward our own particular alignment and in this particular experiment we choose to put a focus or a reason on how. not in any way to discredit rebbie, but she is not the reason. we are the reason. we are drawn to our own alignment and expansion by being ourselves, by listening to our own inner voices.

i thank you, rebbie, for the creation of this forum, for bringing all of us together in support of each other. we become more capable in our collective consciousness. 

in gratitude for your vision.



Rebbie:  I agree, Guy!  Well said.

I just want to say "Thank You"  for the healing.  I have been in the midst of many relatives and their dramas and have been able to stay in control of my health issue.

Thank you Rebbie - I am very glad I signed up to participate in this Thanksgiving experiment of yours. There is a definate feeling of lightness and calm within myself that makes coping with this holiday much more bearable. Looking forward to more inside progress when I receive your book. Thanks again. Kathy

Day 4

I think this is a wonderful idea and I believe it is working for me. I have recently decided to break a consistant pattern of partaking in a self-destructive troubling and hurtful relationship. Also, my grandfather is in the process of leaving this world, so there is much pain and confusion surrounding my life right now. There are moments though that I know things will be turn out and knowing that there are people praying for me sure does help! Thank you for this great idea and I hope it brings others the sense of pease and acceptance that it does for me!

Thank you for your profound giving to the Universe. You are an angel to do this for us. I do feel lighter emotionally and am feeling better physically too. Much of the holiday season stress seems to be lifting and being put in perspective. Thank you thank you thank you. You are in my prayers as well.
Love and gratitude,

I believe that everything is connected. My grandmother passed away on Wednesday night. She has been wanting to go, we believe, for a few years now. She has been steadily going downhill, but always had enough will and strength to keep going. As our family was driving up for Thanksgiving (we live 6 hours away), we received the call that she wasn't bouncing back this time. As my mom was preparing to drive down that night, my grandmother must have known and died before my mom had the chance to make the dangerous trip in the snow, late at night, with frazzled nerves. My mom was really upset that she had died alone even though she has had severe Alzheimers for years and hasn't spoken to anyone for just as long. In the immediate mourning process that we individually went through, I tried to picture my grandmother and said I'm sorry you had to be alone. Right then, I had a vision of her in a hosipital bed with about five angels all around her that just surrounded her with light. I t could be just my wishful thinking, but it made me feel better and I shared it with my mom, and she felt better. My mother and I have recently tried to rekindle a good relationship in the past year. During this time, I don't know where it came from, I was able to be comforting and protective of her. We were both surprised at this new interaction between the two of us. I believe that this healing helped with this process - I believe that there are no coincidences. Thank you for this opportunity to share.

Hi Rebbie! I want to thank you for the Thanksgiving Gift you have bestowed on us all. I have been feeling really restless I just don't know what to do with myself. I can now say that I feel more at peace. I feel lighter and more confident. You are a blessing and I am grateful.

This experiment started as I needed it most.
I'm not feeling well emotionally neither phisically.
the first two days of the experiment I slept the entire day and the second day I creid as if I was going to die. Got up this morning feeling all my cells in my body decided to go to the doctor got some medication and looking foward to receive all the healing energy. God Bless and keep in touch.
Miriam Kock-Salazar . ARUBA, D.W.I.

This morning, I felt lighter, more grateful, less gray. Thanks, Kathy

Dear Rebbie! I cannot say 100% shure it's the result exlusively of your experiment, becouse I've been doing manny other things to help me heal my depression which (due to my unemployment and emotional crisis) was touching umberably deep grounds (sometimes it felt like the "dementors" from H.Potter's Azkaban had sucked all the joy of life out of me), but last few days I'm feeling much lighter and my heart is bursting of joy becouse of many good things that are comming to me,for now mainly through internet. It's true,I still cannot see a good job, or my real "twinn-flame" comming my way, but I do hope this web-positivity will spread into the "real world",and soon,too. So, thank you with all my heart, God bless you, and a big hugh! Daniela

As I signed for the project I felt a happiness feeling that was so good on my spirit.
Thank you,

Dear Rebbie,

Thank you for this Thanksgiving gift, blessing. Preparing yesterday's meal seemed effortless - and I was ready a little early, just as everyone was saying they were really hungry.

My symptoms have let up a little.

Thank you,

Many Blessings to you,

Dear Rebbie,

Thank you again for the work you are doing! It is awesome! I have found that issues that usually get focussed on too much for comfort are slipping away with ease and Love, and I am aware of their feather light drift from my consciousness. WOW that's really big! It's becoming easier for me to see that I can focus with you on my alignment with Source, and continue to progress in the creation of a sense of safety, Love and comfort in my thoughts, feelings and well being.I formerly would choose to think experiences to the inth degree, making more of them than they are-so thank you very much for the Loving nudge!

As many have already said, I am experiencing a true sense of joy and emotional freedom. Some things that have been worrying me a little are not bothersome to me these last few days, and I have been able to enjoy (almost) everything. This morning when faced with a difficult conversation with a dear friend, I was able to be honest and compassionate, and more suprisingly to me I was able to let go of the outcome almost instantly. I don't know for sure where exactly all of this is coming from, but I don't feel that I need to, I am happy and grateful for it today. 

Thank you,

Hi Rebbie

I just wanted to say thanks and express my gratitude. Today particularly I have felt so totally peaceful, joyous, happy and well all day. Life just seemed to flow. In the evening  I was in a workshop situation and  expressed my peace and joy to the group ,and that in the end facilitated the whole group becoming more aware of themselves and how they could sacrifice their sense of violation or feeling betrayed, their opinions and their gossiping to just experiencing peace and joy. So thanks once again.

I have been helping my son through a difficult period in dealing with his Dad. I find it difficult to communicate with my ex-husband because of his aggressive nature. I have been practising the law of attraction and being grateful for having this man in our lives, and for all that we have learned because of him. He showed up yesterday, went with our son to his Grade 9 parent/teacher interviews (first time ever!) and was very low key. He and I didn't talk when we met eachother in the school hallway, but the aggressive vibe was not there. Wonderful. Thank you Rebbie. I am attributing the change to this experiment.

Mary (from Canada)

Reading everyone’s comments, I am amazed at the potency as well as diversity of this ‘experiment’!

This past day or so I’ve slowed my pace somewhat, enabling me to take the stress out of situations, having time to assess what is required and how to deal with it in a positive manner.

Also little things, signs almost, that I am on the right track. Spirituality makes even more sense to me now. As well as health; body and soul. Thank you Rebbie!

Hello Rebbie, as with many other comments I have seen here I, too, "forgot" I'd signed up for this blessing and healing but at the time I needed it SO bad and I said a prayer as I signed on. I didn't read any of the comments for two days and I had been wondering what had happened to me that I felt so much lighter. When I saw what others had written it was like a light bulb went off in my mind, Oh Yea, I asked for this. And wonder of wonders, I GOT IT! This season has always been hard for me but I am dealing with it with a much more peaceful attitude. Thank you for the work on my/our behalf and bless you. Margaret

Thank you! This is day 3 for me and my life has transformed into ease. All activities end with the most profound sense of satisfaction and my heart is full of gratitude.
You are an amazing being and thank you for sharing your gifts.

What a loving, wonderful gift you have created for us all. I find my physical pain from recent surgery to be lightened over the past few days of the experiment. What a blessing. Thank you for your gift of healing energy!

Hi Rebbie
I want to thank you so much for this incredible service to people.
I signed up on the first day---and have had much more energy and a brighter outlook since then. Blessings to you and all the folks on the list.


Big Hugs

First thanks to Dr.G for putting me on the site! I may be in a very dark place but others around me have said that I seem to be coming around. Others seem to be seeing something I am waiting to feel. I am still praying for my emotional and physical healing. Thank you!

Its just day one for me, but I do feel good today. Thankyou!

Hi Rebbie,

I think I already signed up for this but in case I didn't, I am doing it
again! What is so strange is that I just clicked onto the link to read some of the results and changes people are experiencing. One of the very first 'testimonials' was from a woman named Margie. She told of her experice of meeting a chiropractor who practices kinesiology, is a medical intuitive etc. I was stunned because just last week, I too, began therapy with a chiropractor who is exactly like the person she is describing! I have been in the holistic healing field for 10 years. Over the past 5 years especially, I have been seeking healing for myself. I have met many wonderful healers and some have been particularly beneficial to me on my journey. But the day I met this man I knew he was going to help me in
ways no one else has been able to do. He is phenomenal. I have felt so hopeful, so free, so positive....more so than ever before in my life. ... I hosted healers and authors from all over, bringing them to my area, providing students for their workshops etc, in the hope that through their presence I could find the key. But finally, through the grace of God, I heard about Andre Camelli. He is absolutely magnficent.  Whether I signed up for your experiment before today or not, I am sharing this story with you because I feel so wonderful. Now that I am signed up FOR SURE, I will share any and all blessings that come to me in the future.
Thank you for your wonderful work!
Blessings to you!

... We both experienced a leap of healing and relief from pain, swelling, etc in those 4 days. I do feel the difference today so I would like to know how we maybe receive more healing since the pain seems to be coming back.

Thank-you again and if there is anything we  can do to continue this work please let us know.

Dear Rebbie, Like many others I was also waiting to be sure that the changes that are happening are true. So they are. I have been at Peace with myself for a long time, but there were deep hidden, covered up painful memories which are coming to the surface and asking for transformation. At times I feel Peace Supreme !! It is wonderful. Thank you for your help and atonement to carry on with love and understanding with all of the other staff. I believe what we give out in good intention  will return manifold. Have a wonderful Thanks giving with Gratitude


today felt lighter, happier and more focused. Thank you and my patients and co workers thank you

Thank you for the gift of peace and harmony. I had felt like I was once again entering the dark night of the soul and I can honestly say that there has been a tremendous shift and spiritually I feel more at peace and my health issues are changing and I am feeling an alignment with my guides and a peacefulness that is enterning into my being once again. Things that were hurtful or overwhelming are no longer feeling like a twisted ball of twine and it is all starting to unravel and with the unraveling I can feel my foundation once again. I can not thank you enough today was a bright and beautiful day and through all the craziness it was shining through. Cindy

There is "hip" reply used by many members of the Black community to indicate that we understand each other, it goes like this, "I can feel you."
Well I can definitely feel the effects of your efforts and genuine intention for my healing.
I have been more mindful of my blessings, more hopeful about the future, and more generous with my time. My improved outlook and attitude have manifested as less pain with an improved appearance.
It is working for me.
My friends, relative, and clients have recognized the change.
There are no coincidences,
Ar Lena

The first day I felt some mild energy and was more energetic. In the rest I seemed to feel I received blocks of light and energy in the early hours of the morning before dawn. I have noticed more stamina in situations that I expected to exhaust me during the holidays, also have had more ease in bypassing or removing certain blocks I have been trying to work on during meditation. Have had at least 2 breakthroughs on issues that had been eluding me to resolve. General health issues have improved and generally feel more aligned. I am extremely grateful for all the good that has occurred on all these levels this week. I thank you and all who participate in this. It is ...working. Smiles, Sunny (Maureen)

Hello Rebbie...yes....I too have been feeling more hopeful and positive.the last few days....and I am out here in LA ...from winning a singing contest....and have stayed longer.. and connections in the music business seem to be coming magically easy!!!!!

Thank you for involving me! The last two days I feel more energetic and more joy than I did past weeks! Reading all this lovely messages, I can clearly see this is working for lots of people! Much love and light from the Netherlans, Ryo

I work in construction and the weather has been realy bad we get soaking wet every day, well i got home on Friday 24th Nov and i became ill with flue but by the following day Saturday i was feeling much better so much so i was able to write this email, i think maybe your healing helped me recover more quickly than i would normaly.
I thank you and send you Gods love from a Reiki Master and earth healer.
Merry x mas from Weymouth Dorset U.K.

After joining your group, I did a reiki treatment on my dog. He was much improved the next day. Putting me in alignment, may hav e helped passing the healing on to him. His name is Velcro. If you are aligning
animals, I would like to add him to your list

Thank you!

Well... i've been feeling pretty bad for a week, but since i registered, nothing changed!...

c u



Rebbie:  Hi Bruno,  After reading your post I thought I'd double check.  I don't see your name or email address on the list.  Did you sign up with different details?  Let's make sure you are on the list!

I have been in the midst of many relatives and their dramas and have been able to stay in control of my health issue.



Day 5

I do feel lighter and more energized with every day. thank you


Rebbie, I became aware of how sluggish my body is from excess weight. I set my intention to create a healthy, nourished body. Blessings and shalom, Debra

I feel so positive and balanced today, the wellness is astounding. I have been working on the Laws of Attraction for over a month after watching the Secret movie and not sure where the wellness and stability is coming from, thank you for your attention. Namaste

Dear Rebbie,
Thank you very much for what you are doing. I started feeling relaxed & calm after being tensed for a very long time. What a releif...!!!

Please do continue your healing. We really do appreciate it.

Rebbie, The beautiful energy that came through the Thanksgiving gathering of my family and my daughters family was the best ever. The joy, harmony and love that filled the house was more than anyone could ask for. Thank you for the jhe process, it is a working miracle.

hi---realized that i didn't stick to the agreement of not getting into detail about a problem---have to tell you though--after reading about adding my last name i have noticed a 100% improvement in my mood and sense of self--so thanks again for ALL that you do

Thank you for a few days of relative calm amongst many relatives! The holiday of Thanksgiving we shared with many and it was better than I could have expected. Keep it up and I will do my part by getting out of the way of my own healing.

Hi Rebbie,
I have been with the experiment from the beginning and now in the 5th day looking back see various changes. Mostly what seems to be is the answers appear before me of what is needing to happen for the solution. I am connecting with those things that are helping to make things connect, finding the sources that are necessary for the healing. Yes I am seeking them out and maybe the action is the key to what is needing to happen. the movement is here now...and mercury is almost complete with being retrograde ;-D What is it that needs to happen to be a part of the solution instead of part of the problem?
In light and love,
from the stars to the center of our hearts
Sharon Sweet

I have been feeling so much better! My energy has shot way up ... through the power of good wishes and the healing energy from my loved ones and the jhe experiment.
I turned a corner today as my appetite came back and I am ready to live life to the fullest!

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your experiment. I have felt a significant reduction in pain with a recent injury. I don't know if it is coincidence with my doing rehab exercise or your healing. I would like to think it is the healing. Keep it coming. Thanks.

dearest rebbie,

your wonderus healing powers continue to amaze me...reflecting on this past week, i can see the little miracles that have happened so seemlessly that i can only realize them in retrospect....despite the numerous frustratations of my personal "here and now", i see that most of the turmoil (self imposed) has come from "attachment to outcome", which i think is the gift of your experiment...IE: non-attachment to outcome equals peace and joyful self-expression....the floating cork, rather than the one forced under water...only this has all been done subconsiously with your aid....i know that when i try to "mediatate" myslef into this state it does not happen very easily.....a little upsetting, because i would love to keep this "state of being" up and running...i like feeling the lightness of being!! thanks you again for being such an earth angel......lois

Mahalo nui loa for the love, time and energy you so generously give. I am feeling better and better each day. I am more focused, centered and as a result am feeling much more comfortable in my body. My spirits soar with joy and delight.

In great gratitude,
Denni Grace

Thank you Rebbie. I do a lot of work in my dreams & have been progressing towards stripping away & healing the experiences that have shadowed my inherent beingness.
Last night,I was shown the status/progress of my work or my true energy body. It was amazing as most of what was relayed to me came through feeling. Of course now most of us know true & quick manifesting can only use this path from thought to feeling to expression. Guess it's still a little unfamiliar, but with time I feel I will recognize this as the normal expression.
Anyway, the point is so much of the falseness we build around our physical bodies to deguise our true beingness had disappeared. It affects me & I have observed others, by a new feeling of lightness & clarity. A higher vibration that is consistent & present. In my dream state I reviewed a couple of areas that still had the heaviness attached to expressions I created that were not in alignment. These were in the process of disenigrating too. I believe I was shown these past misalignments so that my feeling body would recognize when I was expereincing or creating without alignment & not for my highest good. It was a significant breakthru.
Thank you for including me in this experiment. I feel the extra help from you & your combining with the collective, was the straw that pushed my own work over the hump & helped it manifest. Keep up the good work.
I AM I, In Gratitude & With Love,
Susette Mare` Weiss

Day 6

Thank you for offering this experience. Since being a part of this I have had two instances where I would normally react with negative emotion. However, I am feeling very calm and relaxed. I attribute this to being in touch with universsal intention. I have a feeling that all is well.

Hello Rebbie,

I started participation in this experiment three days ago. I noticed results right from the start each time I consciencely thought about you. Then this morning, while still not yet awake, I noticed that I was changing my posture while I was sleeping.

Upon awakening, I felt a previously problematic place in my lower spine move (this was a very welcome realignment - and with that release also came some past grief that hadn't been released yet- I cried and prayed about my gratitude at the same time).

Today I am pain free and have been able to go about my day without any of the limitations that I usually have continuously.

I can not put into words how wonderful this is for me.
Thank You Thank You!

Dear Rebbie!!
I already posted my reaction a few days ago. Still feeling good + with a lot of energy!! I also included my parents and they're much more relaxed and energetic, my father is working a lot more on his paintings (when he doesn't feel well, he stops painting) and the colours he's using look a lot lighter than usual... And yesterday he started his day singing!! 
I ordered your book but wasn't able to download the free audio. since it will take some time to arrive over here (Belgium), I'd love to have this audio sample to do the alignment while waiting for the book, would that be possible?
Anyway, THANKS VERY MUCH!! Wonderful way to get your work out!!

I feel the healing everyday at the time I believe that you send it. I feel the power, the love and joy. However it does not seem to last through the day. Interesting...

This is day 6 and the wave of energy that changed was so obvious that it just made me stop and sit in peace with it. I was amazed at how I handled a situation and it turned out to be a benefit to me and the people involved. Thanks Rebbie for this jhe experiment, and thanks for you. Many Blessings, Gale

Hi Rebbie -

This may not seems like a "result" on the level of some/most of the others, and for me, it is a great one... I have been scouring the internet for a reasonable flight to KY for the holidays... $350+ is not in my budget!... Today, I booked a flight to Indianapolis - not Louisville, and very close ... for $146 ROUND TRIP!!! I call that a miracle! Plus, my mother, who has many health issues, and whom I included on the list, sounds and says she feels stronger and better than she has for a long, long time! I call that a miracle, too... and, my friend is here in LA visiting me and we have found venues for her to perform w/such ease it is amazing... yet another miracle! Plus, I have some health issues, too, which have improved remarkably during this time!

Thank you for giving me and my loved ones the opportunity to be a part of such a powerful and effective experiment!

Thank you for this beautiful energy. I have really noticed a lightness since I joined the experiment, and a strong sense of my authentic beingness. Much positive energy and beautiful love given and received.

I just wanted to say that I added my name on day 3 and have found an assisting template of effortlessness and ease this past few days. Facing a point of conflict in a relationship, I was able to move through a necessary healing experience (not be taken out of conflict like in escapism fantasy) as with assisting forces. Lessons were learned and trust and faith in my inner truth were realized. Thank you for your abundant sharing; your example of generosity is profound,


November is ususally a difficult month for me and I started with depression.  It  has been lifted and I feel great.  Thank you.

... I do wish to share with you that my physical condition has continued to improve and I feel more balanced and centered than I have in years. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS EXPERIMENT. I AM GRATEFUL beyond words. I am going to download and/or purchase your book. Whatever this work is it WORKS for me and I want to start practicing it immediately. Bless you 10 times over!

Hello Rebbie,

I have voted 'not sure' , but I also mean 'I think so ' that I have benefitted, and I really appreciate your kind offer.. and that encourages me to 'do my stuff ' as in sit on the cushion and tune in ..

so thankyou and there is one more day also ..


Hi Rebbie,
           I joined this experiment right at the beginning ... I have been working on healing for a while now and this just came about at the just right time for me!  I must say, that nothing much happened for the first few days, but since Friday, I have noticed a MARKED change in the physical pain I have been experiencing for the last couple of months!  The pain has improved to such an extent, that today for the first time in weeks, I was able to go shopping with a friend and not be in excruciating pain within mere moments!  As a matter of fact, we were out for several hours, with no deleterious effects :)  Thank you so much for making this available to us!


Hi Rebbie,
I signed up for this project the day before you began sending out the healings. I've been involved in healing and inner work for a while now, so your offer of healing came at the right time for me. I've been experiencing some physical pain for about 2 months now, and noticed today that the pain has subsided a great deal in the last 2 days! Thank you for that ... and for your very generous offer. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
In Gratitude,

wow thank you

i have had a great week everything feels like it has just fallen into place i get it all of a sudden.i had a spontanious kundalini awakening 6 1/2 years ago (its been interesting)this week i feel like i have been put back together ,and can finally move forward, can visulize better meditate deeper etc etc thank you

Dear dear Rebbie,
thank you, thank you from the bottom of my hart!
I am doing many things to heal from a severe depression, but sins the beginning of the experiment things are going faster and faster!!! Evry day my fillings of Lightness, Gratitude, Joy, Hoop, Understanding and Love grow and grow!!! It is wonderful!!! I am scure you are helping mi very very muck! Thank you again!
Lot's of Love, god blessyou!

Wow what a wonderful response to an AMAZING experiment! I feel so much LIGHTER and JOY has emerged and lots of creative rushes of inspiration .. I have to carry a notebook to put down all the inspiration so I can carry through with the ideas. Whatever you're doing wish you could keep doing it, I have'nt felt so good for a long time.
Thank you so much .. it's awesome!!
Jillian/ Australia

Thank you, Rebbie, I had a great result.  I feel noticably calmer, happier,
less cranky
and demanding (my pattern lately) since I signed up.  Since
the day I signed up!
It was so kind of you to do this. 

Thank you! I am Grateful! I have experienced, energy, strength, peace, and comfort, and nothing has bothered me in all the difficult tasks at hand.

Day 7

I injured my back about a month ago and have had limited mobility and pain since the incident. About 3 days into your experiment, I woke up feeling high...almost as if I were on drugs...and pain free for most of the day. The night before, I had dreamed I was taking copious amounts of cotton out of my ears and could hear so much better after. The feeling of being high passed by the evening, and while I will occassionally turn in such a way that my back reminds me to be careful, the pain levels have not returned. The only thing different in my life was being a part of your experiment. I thank you for my relief and for your generosity! Many Blessings....

The results are MARVELOUS! Your 'experiment' brought much joy, lightness and positive feelings to many. Whatever your thoughts are on this I am anxious to hear them! Thank you for including me on this powerful journey.

I felt such a surge of enthusiasm and energy flowing through me Sunday evening, when telling my friend about my recent experiences with free-form group dancing on Sunday morning. I usually contact the inner Self at least once while dancing. However, this past Sunday it happened 3 different times with 3 different dancers. The surge of energy and enthusiasm was still with me that night, even after I came home and rested. I attribute this to the jhe experiment. Thank you so much!

My results were 'different', but still impressive to me. I didn't write because my results seemed to go backwards! Please bear with me to the end. I was feeling great and everything was going along fine, then Thanksgiving Day was awful, and the next 2 days were worse. All of a sudden I had these people in my life that were angry, depressing, and hurtful. I felt terrible, and depresssed.
I had been looking for an EFT praticitioner, yet I was low on funds. Still, I emailed one in my area and she agreed to work with me for a barter exchange! And all of the things that caused those 'terrible feelings' were exactly the things I was being shown that need to be worked on in the session. It was issues I had not dealt with from childhood and I believe they were all brought into my life in these few days to show me what I needed to address in my EFT session on Tuesday. I am now very excited at my session and feel great joy in knowing that I KNOW what areas of my life to work on. What a strange way of working out, but doesn't the Universe work in mysterious ways?

Thank you for inviting me to the healing! Even though it's foggy and gloomy outside, Inside the fog and gloom have finally lifted. It's wise and wonderful of you to be doing this work and gathering us in to work with you and each other. I think it will have a profound effect.
I look forward to reading your book.
Wishing you Light and Love Without End.

I ran into your website following links to the law of attraction and my 6th sense. I've been doing reiki (2nd degree) for a couple of years and i'm familiar with distant healing, but had no idea what your experiment was about! I just jumped in waiting for some textbook or instructions. And nothing came... Now i can see better though :) So this was the reason i had sooo much energy today! The faculty i teach is in the suburbs and hard to get to and fro, but i had a lift to the metro today from a co-worker, nice surprise (somehow it never happened before). And came home to see my boyfriend preparing dinner :) But it all didn't mean much until i read the comments here and realized what your thanksgiving gift was in the first place! :)) Well thank you sooo much Rebbie! Bless you!

Thank you for your healing alignment. The clarity continues and I am balancing health with contribution and service through my work. Blessings and shalom, Debra

Thank you Rebbie.

My partner commented on Sunday at brunch that 
I looked young, rested and healthy.

I will attribute it to your alignment week.

A thousand thanks,

Dear Robbie,

Thank you for inviting me to the healing! (and I thanked me for choosing to participate with you,haha) From day 1, I felt the discomfort and some pain around my neck area and I realized that those are the area of my body to be aligned more. In fact, it has getting better and better everyday since then. No wonder you had been working as a chiropractor before!! 

Wow, you are a powerful healer indeed!!!
In deep love,

I wanted to express my deep gratitude for your offering of healing energy. I have a lot of healing work done, so at first, I could not discern any difference (and, also, I picked up a bug). However, today, what became very apparent to me is the deep deep sense of peace that is within the core of my being.

Thank You and Blessings



hello! Here I am again, to tell you something about my day today: I took up a course a few weeks ago, couldn't find the energy nor the time to do my I díd actually...feeling my true self again! In gratidude, Ryo

i have felt better since i signed up for the experiment. I have no specifics but it has been an overall "feeling better". I do believe in 'distant healing' so this just validates this for me.

there is no better feeling than the no-thing-zone

I glowed before and after

there's so much going on

I didn't pay attention to the experiment

just trusting in the unfolding

it's not about results is it?

it's about the decision that anything is possible

I didn't go and look to other reactions

just want to say that as lovely as you look on the picture

so beautiful is your healing-experiment-initiative

I love you for that

your courage and insights

and action

may the glow be with you ;-)

and keep going till it's glowbal ;-)

Thank you again Rebbie. I have been experiencing a true sense of peace & relaxation. A calmness that is centered. I was so excited about the progress in some other areas that I attruibuted to your healing work that I almost overlooked this subtle yet strong & consistent energy that is now flowing thur me & all around me. To totally relax without Guilt,was not part of my past. Guess that's why I couldn't put my finger on this new feeling of peace & contentment. Wow, to really relax without concern of anything but the present moment which seems to be fine without my interference is a true luxury for me. Thank you for this gift. My experiences may not seem significant to most, but perhaps it would if you knew that I am totally disabled & have been solely taking care of myself, my financial needs, my legal & medical trials, & helping others when asked. Before that I did international business in photographic imaging & media communications in bot h commercial & medical fields along with teaching children to Dr.'s, Government officicals & such in various aspects or consultation. Not doing 16 things at once seemed very abnormal.
So again thank you. True Peace & Relaxation has been a rare experience. I intend to continue in that state & make it my Norm.
I Am, In Gratitude & With Love,
Susette Mare`

My [painful] hips are improving and
I have had a breakthrough in my belief system
. When I was a child, both parents took their lives and I didn't realize that I didn't feel entitled to the things I want because of guilt. Now, hopefully, that block is gone and I can allow the good things i want into my life.

Hi Rebbie, i tryed to go on your blog to give my experience with the experimwnt but I could not get on to it.

but i will tell you my experience,
I felt very Happy and content with myself
Things that I usualy get upset about did not bother me that much.

I felt aligned with my inner self

I am grateful to you for this gift.


Dear Rebbie,
While I am certainly feeling better and a strong intention to accomplish my goals, I am also feeling profound gratitude to you for taking the time and expending the energy to give of your loving and healing heart to so many others. There is no way that people have not received what you have offered, whether they feel it or not. We can never receive too much love or healing. You are gracious. Thank you again, and I know you will receive ten-fold what you have given out.

Hi Rebbie: You re an earth angel! Not sure if we can post our comments twice but I hope the answer is yes, as I d like to let you know how great, fantastic and totally empowering the jhe experience has been for me. Its unbelievable! The issue I had set my intentions on to work, is dissipated and emotionally, my resistance to it was decreased each day of the experiment, until today, the last day, I am at peace with that situation, feel so light about it, and know that I am always supported, protected and loved by the Universe! I have let go of the issue and surrendered it to the loving care of the Divine Spirit. I want to tahnk you again, for your endless love you give to us so generously.I wish there was one of you here in Toronto! I d love to attend and take ALL your courses! Your compassion and unconditional love in the healing and service you provide to us is evident in the fact that now, I have "known" you for almost a year. You are a blessing to me, and to t he world. Keep up and keep at it Rebbie. We all need your wisdom, compassion, love - and one more thing I love about you is your humility. You ve taught me a great deal in this one year and I joyfully look to learning more from you! Love and Light to you always, with gratitude.

Hi Rebbie,

I cannot say I did not benefit from the experiment but I did not feel any sudden or unexpected rise in peacefulness or energy. I am generally very peaceful and do other things to bring that about and to maintain it. I also have no doubt that you had an impact on all these many people who responded. I sent it to several people. I would only encourage you doing what you do.

Thank you Rebbie, I could definitely feel the wonderful healing presence of love and light. For me, I felt a surge of energy early afternoon each day (eastern standard time).


I have very grateful for your gift.


Dear Rebbie,

I do know that I felt lower back pain to some degree. It was as if I was adjusted. I came aboard late so I am not sure I received all the day experiment. I do believe something has happened, but I can't say what. Thank you for working on me.

It DID work wonders....

Dear Rebbie

Thank you so much again and again for the distant healing session. I am sure I did receive your healing in that I seem to have found direction at this late stage in life (49!!).  I was almost like a headless chick living for the day without much direction and it looks as if the clouds are clearing and able to see light.  I still have not bought your book but I will order it within the next few days.  I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart but I wish I was near enough to do it in person. NZ is a long way and who knows, I may generate sufficient Karma to facilitate a journey to meet you.

May you be blessed with excellent health, happiness and prosperity.

Warmest regards


Even before this jhe experiment, I felt the most amazing wave of love come through one of your e-mails that I opened. I love you, believe in you and know that the work you are doing is helping others. That's all that matters. I find so much joy in dancing and in chanting God's name. For me, the perfect life would be traveling around the world chanting Hari Rama, Hari Krishna! (If you can coach me in manifesting this dream, I'd like to talk to you.)

Many blessings are on the way to you dear one!

With great love and affection,

Hi - just wanted to let you know that I noticed a positive effect on my emotional state pretty quickly after signing up. I have to say I had no idea what to expect & was impressed to say the least! What an awesome idea! I hope the experiment turned out well & you'll do something like this again.

Hi Rebbie,
As a fellow healer, I am always interested in new approaches to allowing the body/soul/mind/heart to heal itself. Since I am in a transition at this time, and regularly work with healing energies, it is difficult to say which is the causative agent.
I will say that I awoke Sunday feeling very well rested, and at peace, which after periods of intense activity, and learning/teaching/growing, my being sorely needed. It feels that came from this work. Thank you so much for sharing it with others. Many blessings, Kalama

Since the experiment, I have felt an augmented level of peace, inner strength and calm. On a thought level, my thoughts were calmer, slower and positive. I seemed to have a more bird's eye view of things which allowed me to have more equanimity and not get caught up. On an emotional level, I felt more connected to joy, more openness and forgiveness (I was able to overlook things I normally reacted to). One of many results of this improvement in emotional and thought levels, is the affirmative way that friends and family have responded to me. Because my senses were heightened, I seemed to be more present and available, and also knew exactly what to say or offer without being prompted... Therefore, people who may typically be more withholding became more generous with me.

Through the middle of the experiment, I decided to take advantage of the "limitless" state I was in, so I put in both artistic & spiritual work the next days. Again, the outcome here was also prolific as I was able to be productive and "leaped" in both areas. 15 pieces of art (which will be holiday presents) and the ability to quickly embody sophisticated spiritual readings. So many good things came to me because I was clearer.

Whatever I could imagine wanting or needing this week, I received... even down to this detail: I was at the public library and wanted to print four pages of spiritual readings that would have cost fifteen cents each. The librarian handed me a copy card that another patron had forgotten. It had exactly the value of sixty cents what I needed.

Thank you for including me in this gesture of goodwill, Rebbie. I thank you for myself and on behalf of anyone that counts on me. I have a reference for a new normal that I will keep up. (I don't believe I posted my last name yet these things still happened.)


Hi Rebbie,

I was not able to document each day as I work three jobs and was quite exhausted at the end of each day. Here is what I can tell you in a lump sum!

The first day I had forgot quite honestly just when the YOFA was starting. But I do remember an inner voice telling me that I needed to find balance, that balance was important "right" now, an inner urgency for balance thru-out the day. The next day I remeber feeling lighter mentally, a clearer perception during my day. The third day was a 16 hour working two jobs days so all I felt was back pain! The fourth day was a frustrating day for me because nothing at all seemed to be going right at work. It seemed that every possible thing, even the easiest was giving me issue, but I didn't seem to get as frazzled as I normally would. I felt as tho I was finding my balance and harmony. The fifth day was another long day, but I didn't seem to mind it, I had this inner peace and calm that carried with me. I still hurt at the end of the day from 14 hours physical labor. The sixth day I felt the lightness, spiritually, mentally and physically, which has engulfed my being ever since. Today was even more awareness, lightness, and calmness at those things which would have sent me over the edge. And coming from a woman who is going thru the wretched throes of mental-pause, this was quite a feat you performed. My hat's off to you for doing this wonderful thing. I am basking in the glow and truly, I appreciate you! Should you do this again, I would like to be included (one job is now over so I can use meditation during this time and completely recieve the vibes/goodwill you are sending out.)

I wish you many beautiful tomorrows~

I felt a continuing peace during this holiday and an actual excitement for its coming. My family was to meet my fiance, that is a direct product of following Rebbies Manifest The Perfect Relationship course back in February.
At Thanks giving I just had fun, then during dinner, I wasnt overdoing it or anything, but suddenly I felt sick, and had to get rid of what I had eaten. My fiance came to sit with me and helped me during and after. What a fantastic feeling of love and caring. I laid down for an hour to rest, everyone else had by that time gone home, so we then went off to our place to sleep. I had one of the best sleeps ever. Woke up fine. My only regret is that I missed an awesome dessert... Since then, had a pleasant rest of the week. Not aware of any giant shift, or manifestation of my intention. I am very patient though.
Love to all,
Robert from California

Hives were gone in a matter of hours on the day you send me your energy. I was really plagued by them.

Hi Rebbie...

Thank you...I am processing a very big loss and it is helping me immensely. TQ from the bottom of my heart.

Dear Rebbie,

Firstly thank you and what a ride it certainly has been. The first day I signed up which was early morning I was buzzing I felt likenmy body was pulsating at a much quicker pace in anticipation of something great coming round the corner. Later that evening I developed bad stomach cramps and a lot of excess gas. This continued for the rest of the four days of the experiment and then lastnight it all came to a head and I had the runs from the moment I got home right through the night until this morning - I felt absolutely awful and empty. Later this morning my cramps are residing but I feel like I have been on one heck of a journey that has completely cleared me out. I feel exhausted. About two weeks ago I did two angel card readings and I pulled the same card twice! This card was the 'Detoxification' card and I am wondering whether this experiment has forced my body into detox as I have not been able to drink any alcohol, for some reason I have been turned off all dairy products and it seems my system has rid it self of all the bad things it was holding inside.

Very interesting....

With Love

Sorry to post so late. For the first time in a long time Thanksgiving went by without any major emotional baggage. Lately I've been on a journey to align myself with the creator. Taking small steps here and there, facing my fears and becoming a better person for it. That's what brought me hear, another step.
I can honestly say that most of my previous Thanksgivings have been full of emotional outburst of all kinds. Starting from inside and directed outward towards my loved ones. This past week was quite remarkable. Looking back I did feel an inner peace I haven't felt in a long time. The times when I felt negative thoughts I also felt a strong presence that exstinguished all the anger. The days went by fast, faster than I thought possible. I did feel something, quietly in back talking to me, guiding me.

Thank you for the support, prayers and compassion.

Thank you very much for this interesting and generous experiment.

For myself, I can't be sure what benefit was received from it as I have been working in a number of other ways. However, on the first day I did experience a lightness that is unusual. I thought, "wow - I can't wait for the rest of the days." But then I sort of crashed - and that is rather typical as I seem to have a lot of resistance to whatever healing technique is applied to whatever area of my life. Somehow my belief system (way down deep where I don't know where it's coming from) overrides the progress with a negative, a falling back into old self-destructive patterns.

I'm working on releasing these blocks, and as a result, I believe, old junk comes up. Kind of like the "healing crisis" one sometimes experiences when a natural remedy (like herbs) causes a release of toxins and one has symptoms of the thing one is trying to heal. So I think one should not dismiss the effectiveness of any modality just because you don't immediately feel like a new person. I'm sure that sometimes that does indeed happen, but often it takes some time for the results to make themselves known. And not only time, but perhaps some discomfort in the process. So, though in a way this week might seem like a failure for me - I've been mostly depressed and sluggish and "blah" feeling - there have also been moments of feeling progress is being made. I give thanks for the process and know I am moving in the right direction - however slowly and with however many reversals. The spiral does continue, and while one might seem to be "back whe re we started" we are a few degrees higher than before. And as for your contribution to my progress, I do believe we are all connected and that anything anyone does with the intent of serving another, that "other" must benefit in some way, and each (perhaps tiny) increment has an effect for the good.

This is a good thing you have done for all of us. Thank you very much. I send you many blessings and hugs and very best wishes for ongoing success, happiness, and prosperity.

Thanks again.


I asked for help in receiving free lance editing work to supplement my teaching at UC Irvine. I need this base right now to provide me with time to write my book about my amazing spiritual journey ... and begin a new phase of my creativity. While this is a process that takes time to manifest, what I felt during the last four days I was a part of this experiment was a greater feeling of clarity toward what steps I should be taking next, a sense of peace that all my needs will be provided for, and a strong sense of all I plan to do as part of fulfilling my mission in this life. I feel supported by my spiritual allies in a new way and a great excitement and joy about what I will be doing next in my life. Ideas have been coming thick and fast. I also put my cat Moonbeam on the list. She was having some health challenges. Today, she is back to her old self and feeling very good and happy. Thank you for your generous gift, and may you be blessed and walk in joy .

I thank you for the wonderful JHE Experiment. When I stopped to take the time to think about the energy I had huge releases of stress

Have a wonderful day!

it truly amazes me how calm I have been about everything during this experiment. I seemed to be able to handle life much easier. I didn't get anxious or upset about anything and I had an overwhelming feeling to just go with the flow. I now hope that I can continue this feeling. I can't thank you enough for this experience.

Dear Rebbie...Last week I was going through ALOT of was sweet...although it didn't feel like
it at the time. I signed up for the experiment for
the purpose of moving out of that experience more
quickly. The morning after I signed hope and
flowed through me, and also an understanding
of the dynamics that were in place that allowed me to
experience that "Contrast". It was great. I know
that it was a combination of your energies working on
my behalf...and my desire to focus on what feels
better that got me through that so quickly.

So, thank you! I think it is a great thing to focus
on the highest well-being of all that want it. You
are doing some good works!

Well, I felt something. I thought at first it was being off for the holidays or being up in the mountains at a family member's home, but when I came back to work yesterday, I had the best day in a long time ( not the physical aspect of work--it was a long, hard day).
I could chalk it up to coincidence, but I don't believe in coincidence anymore.
Xo, I think something is at work here. I'm going to enjoy it and let others figure it out!

I am not sure I felt anything special, but I have been feeling good during the experiment. The one change that could be related to it is that I don't seem to react to cats as I usually do. During the last week, I have not experienced any of my typical allergic symptoms. I will have to see what happens when I am exposed to cats for a longer period. I hope this lasts!
Thank you!

My honest answer is " I just don't know". I had a very challenging week and I did feel that I managed to find a much higher flow (needed it) and to return to balance quickly after experiencing some turbulence. I guess the scientist in me demands proof and the sage in me says I don't need any. I will add though, my partner and I reached a new level and by Sunday we were working together to establish what we truly wish to express now, and finding that a lot of new stuff is waiting to be born and where we have been all
year is ready for removal. It happened quickly and spontaneously - it wasnt' as though we stressed over it, it just kind showed up.   I do want to add though, that any and all of those dear souls - especially
you just now - who consciously hold a high clear note for others, ARE making a difference and ARE blessing us all. It's a question of perception of the one that receives or not, but a fact that the giver is giving.

Love and Light

Thanks Rebbie for the oportunity, I joined in towards the end of the session but still gained great benefit from it, yesterday I really had a cleansing day and all day long it happened so that today I am back to the real me again; as a healer myself I know exactly where you are cominmg from and appereciate time and energy you have spent on so many others "enlightening the world" so to speak. Thankyou once againe from me in Newe Zealand and on behalf of those who wanted to but never got around to their replies.

Thanks Rebbie re your YOFA experiment - it has been a ride and a half at my end and I was grateful for the healing and the updates daily. 

My thanks and gratitude again - love and light to you....

I joined in on the 3rd day of the experiment, referred by my mum, open but not expectant.
Reflecting, on reading the next days mailing, I realised I had experienced the previous 24 hours with a much greater sense of "flow" and ease which had been missing from my life for a while.
It's been quite a turbulent week, all up, but at the end of it, I feel some great and significant shifts have occurred, both within me and those around me.
Thank you including me in this beautiful experiment.

Hello Rebbie~
Thank you so much! I can't really find words to describe the experience. I feel FEARLESS~that's as close as I can say it in words. Nothing in my outer situation has changed and EVERYTHING has changed.I feel connected to my source, I feel safe, I feel whole. I am tremendously grateful for this gift you have given me.
Blessings to you

I feel transformed with an aura of protection and clarity.
My physical appearance, pain creativity, hope, peace, gratitude, concentration and energy have exponentially improved, since embarking on this journey.
This experiment has made visible and invisible changes in me, i.e. physical, spiritual, emotional, financial, and professional.
Thank you from my soul.
May all the goodness that you
inspired return to you ten-fold.
Re-wired and re-newed,
Ar Lena

I had challenging situations to deal with and came back to myself within a short time without the angst going on for long..

Dear Rebbie,
Thank you SO much! I've passed through some testing times with peace and contentment. What a feeling! Thank you again and may you always be blessed!

2nd posting but had to add that in Yoga classes this week I celebrate freedom from some niggling areas .. lumbar,left hip and left heel/arch which was a specific problem I had in mind when I signed on to experiment! Generally feel SOO much lighter and freer in body, mind and spirit!
Jillian / Australia

Hi Rebbie
I couldn't get back to you earlier, sorry I was away. Just wanted to let you know I kind of forgot about the experiment 'till I got home and I do beleive  it has helped me because I was travelling and could just relax int the flow of things although This way af travelling was new to me and I wondered why I  was so relaxed and had no worries underway!!!!! Maybe this has helped!
Thankyou for the work you are doing!

actually i did feel alot of things, hence not replying sooner. my life is resembling a theme park, and the rides are switched to fast and high. this week i've experienced a pulling-together of lots of threads. i've had added confidence. although i was already unfurling at quite a speeded-up rate, this last month, with various unexpected helpers turning up, this week i've been able to step into a forgotten part of myself. it can be summed-up, sort of, by just this fact, that i've had added confidence, so i must have felt more supported than ever. i've loved being aware, these last few days, that you were there somewhere helping me. thankyou very much, rebbie. this week, i've learned about copyright and started typing my 100 poems(had never counted them before!) onto the computer. i've re-discovered my reiki healing and been asked to send to 4 people already,which i've felt confident enough to do. i've managed to spend some positive time with my ex partner, and affirmed our friendship.whilst parenting, helping discuss problems in the workplace,which are still unresolved, and househunting. but i feel good, like i can do all of it, one step at a time. thankyou for your support,love , i think you must have a time-turner to be able to communicate with so many people.

Somehow, I missed the opportunity to participate in the survey.

Whether it can be officially counted or not, I just had to exercise my right


Yes : It is STILL working.

The time of this experienment was very hectic for me. I selected a physical sensation to heal... and come to think of it, I haven't thought about it. The bigger thing that has happened, is I have taken Gigantic spiritual step over this period of time. My reality shifted, and is just now settling back down. I'm very grateful to have participated in this experiment - as I'm believing this participation has enabled me to take these steps from a centered place, allowing love to be my guide. Thank You.

Hi Rebbie, this is the experience I had during the experiment.
I felt light, very light and happy during that week. I still do!!!
The things I usualy get very upset about, did not bother me as much as before. I felt aligned with my Innerself.
I am very grateful to you for this gift...


It was an amazing week of living honorably from the heart. I have dumped old patterns of nurturance that have kept me serious and contained. I feel aided by many wonderful beings and you are indeed ONE of them.

Continued blessings to you, powerful lady!

Thank you so very, very much for the healing gift! Although I was late in signing up for the group healing, it did not come too late for me. At first, I did not feel anything, however, late Sunday evening and continuing through to the present, I felt and feel a sense of peace, calm and happiness. There is no better feeling than one of peace!

Again, Rebbie, thank you for this most precious gift! I wish you many blessings!

All my best,


The benefit to me was amazing. Relief of pain, worry, fear, and physical symptoms of dis-ease in the physical body. Feeling aligned with the high
in a totally different way, a total calmness in the emotional body.

Thank you, Rebbie, for your love offerings to all of us. I feel so good about everything in my life, which is a complete turn-around from just a week ago. Not only that, I am busy with all my projects and actually accomplishing, doing, and being in a way I've always dreamed of, and finally experiencing with overall success. I've been working with the exercises in your book, and notice a great desire for ongoing, continuous physical alignment in every activity. It feels so good to sit up straight and be aware of all three axis. Great experiment. Thank you, Clyde

Hi Rebbie,

Thank you so much for the healing energy you sent to all of us !!
Was telling myself that I'm too busy to post my comments - then when I felt that my silence may be taken as "I felt nothing" - I very much wanted to convey how much I've benefited and how different I feel this week !!

I have been getting such wonderful insights this past week, and - wonder of wonders - I've been recording them too !! This means so much to me - used to feel stuck - it seems like I've found the way out - the fogginess of my mind is clearing up and fast !! I feel as if, on my Spiritual Path, I'm racing now and there is no stopping me, and of course there is no going back.

Thank you so much, once again. Wish I could give you something in return, but definitely The Universe will rush in to give you Its blessings...

Lots & Lots of Luv,
- Sujatha

Hello! Thanks for allowing me to participate and thanks for your healing gift. I voted yes and felt something, and even though it was subtle, it was a clear indication of something good. Maybe some people felt more, yet some relief is good and I know the experiment was working. I too felt lighter, had more energy, and felt better than I have in a while. It's great to feel more positive energy that makes it easier to attract good things.

I have been feeling happier this week than i have in a long while, like the clouds are starting to lift a little bit. Thank you for letting me participate in your jhe experiment, i have downloaded the first chapter of your book

Dr Rebbie,
Thank you for sharing your time, energy and so much love! I was reading your book during this experiment, and I must say that every yogi should read this. It's been such an eye-opener for me in so many levels! The visual components in the book have been so helpful with my inner alignment, and am feeling rooted in the now. Thank you and bless you!


Hi Rebbie,
Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of this experiment. At first, I came down with a cold the day after I signed up (Friday) and felt really lousy! Then I read your email about adding last names, and I did, and felt a wave of peace, but still physically felt awful. Then on Tuesday I had a huge release and felt great in all areas! A very short-lived cold!
I hope you do more of this! Thank you!!

Namaste again, I remembered that I had an opening in my breathing last Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and have been enjoying deeper, longer breathing during Ujjayi pranayama. Tonight was my first yoga class since the experiment, and my savasana was extraordinary in that I felt electricity in my root, third eye, hands and feet. Thank you for jhe and for your book Rooted in the Infinite.

The Universe brought you into my life a year ago. Wow! What an amazing blessing you've been to me. I want to thank you again, for all your love, compassion, and the wonderful healing services you are providing me and the rest of the world. The jhe experiment came to me in perfect divine timing just when I needed it. After all, we know the Universe knows what s best for us. I was struggling with a relationship issue and jhe pulled me through it, with ease. It was quite amazing.

I was part of your free energy healing group and I want to say Thank You. I felt more calm and centered during the holiday, and I so appreciate your gift. This was the first Thanksgiving where I accomplished everything I wanted and needed to do, without a feeling of overwhelm ungulfing me several times. I have been more aware of my vibration these days, still I feel being a part of your group gave me an edge I would not have had otherwise.

Hi Rebbie.

I thank you for the wonderful JHE Experiment. When I stopped to take the time to think about the energy I had huge releases of stress.


Thank you for including me in your study. I apologize for not writing back as I was in the middle of several deadlines. I signed up near the end. I want you to know that I did experience an effortlessness in receiving information to complete my work. I experienced more joy and openness.

Thank you for your open heart and compassion. I am thankful to have been included.

Take good care,


It worked for me.

Hi Rebbie
I want to thank you so much for this incredible service to myself and other people.
Since I signed up on the first day I have had much more energy and my mind seems more clearer and I seem to be better focused. I am convinced your experiment has helped me very much as I needed the energy you sent and am very appreciative for it. Thank You.....Erv.

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