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YOFA Workshops by Phone

4/26 and 5/3/2006

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Read Comments about this workshop...

Hi Rebbie,

I have to say that I am amazed by the results and materialization of  things that happened in the last week. I chose the more challenging desire and also the one that I wanted more intensely. It became true the day after we had our first session and every moment during the day when I practice my meditations something happens that fortifies it and makes it more real. 

with gratitude...

From same participant a few days later:

I can officially confirm that the desire came true just last night. It was a complete manifestation of my thoughts, dreams, imagination. Something that I definitely had fought instead of pursued in all these months. I thought I was following the stream of well being, however I was fighting it...it was such a revelation in such a short period of time that I had to express my gratitude to you and be thankful for being a great supporter.





What is this?

This is an open teleclass that provides an experiential, transformational opportunity for expanded consciousness.  

You can intend and expect results in any of these areas: 


            Growing Your Professional Practice

            Clarifying Your Purpose And Direction

            Increasing You Skill

            And Much More...


            Finding A Love Relationship

            Harmonizing Your Relationship With Your Partner

            Deepening Friendships

            Enriching Family Relationships

            And Much More...


            Finding Inner Balance

            Releasing Blocks That Prevent The Flow Of Life Force

            Cultivating Love And Acceptance For Your Dear Sweet Self

            And Much More...


            Develop A Meditative Awareness

            Develop A Meditation Practice

            Cultivate Your Innate Wisdom

            Nourish The Presence Of Divine Love In Your Life

It is a good idea to set an intention now, before you register, and set the transformational process in motion now.

More Comments about this workshop...

Dear Rebbie,

I really enjoyed the workshop this morning. 

I found it to be truly transformative and am sharing some of the teachings with friends. 

I am a massage therapist, and two people used the words "heaven" and "heavenly" to describe my work tonite, followed directly upon the shift in state of consciousness you teach about, and I wanted to let you know that my intention was met, and to thank you for the workshop today.

Looking forward to next Wednesday,

From same participant after session 2:

Dear Rebbie,

Thank you for another wonderful workshop experience this morning.  While I wanted to speak out, I was also busy listening and tracking with the moments of the teachings, and taking notes!

...Heartfelt thanks to you for your self-less sharing of this empowering work of energetic alignment I have received from you. 

I manifested a heaven-sent pet-sitter yesterday, after weeks of frustrating and stressful wrong turns.
When I knew I'd found her, my energy soared and I spent five hours cleaning in anticipation of her arrival (as if preparing for the queen of Angels). My cats stared at me in amazement, whilst I danced around the house to Irish music dispatching months of clutter and stagnant chi to the trash. In the cleared space, I remembered who I am, and that I love my life. These are tools I will gladly take with me on my trip to England next week.

Love, M

Your Intention 

Be prepared for a transformation to occur during and/or as a result of attending these workshops.  It doesn’t really matter what topic you pick because as you bring yourself into greater alignment with your inner truth, all aspects of your life improve.

This is an experimental expansion of the YOFA Workshops.  So the model is workshop style.  Our focus will vary from session to session but the core is always the same: 

It's always about accessing the brilliant light, the unconditional love, and the unique talent within you and bringing it forward into joyful expression.

Read feedback I have received from workshop participants here.

I recommend that you set an intention before signing up.  Whether it is specific or general, spiritual or material, having some focus will increase the value you receive from this session.  I also recommend that you sign up for the free ecourse, 7 Secrets for Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire.  This will get you in the YOFA groove and rev up your engines for transformation.

More Comments about this workshop...

  Dear Rebbie,

I wanted to let you know how much your workshop today was impacting me as I went about errands, etc--HUGE!!! This topic hit me while I was driving this afternoon--in a really BIG WAY, as I realized I've wrestled with it for years!

How can I ever Thank You! for giving us tools to 'grab the Tiger by the Tail?!' 

You're Such a Wonderful Blessing! to Us and to the Planet, to Human Kind!!!

With So Much Gratitude :),

ps--I can't tell you how HAPPY I AM ABOUT THIS!!!


Learn how to bring the desires of your heart into joyful manifestation.  This is a spiritual/mystical process that spills over into the fulfillment of your most cherished dreams. 

These Workshops by Phone will at times focus on one of these  articles or other YOFA topics as we explore different aspects of the creative process and the path of Self Realization.  

The Workshops are always new, so I encourage you to attend on an ongoing basis because the process deepens as you participate with it.

I think you will find our calls to be content rich, process oriented, and experientially enriching gatherings. 

More Comments about this workshop...

Thank you Rebbie for having done this workshop. I found it powerful and have to say I would certainly appreciate having the very same exercise as a phone conference workshop on an ongoing basis. Let me know!

What was extraordinary was the energy connection with a group of people who have congregated... Life is a powerful process for me. Actually rather challenging emotionally much of the time. The forum for conversation at the edge of that growth is fairly rare. Some very advanced souls came together around your work. I sensed that right away...

I love your Affirmative Contemplations. I have the 'I am Love' mp3's


This workshop has been recorded and you can participate and experience the transformation by listening to the recordings at your own convenience.

Order the recordings from the 
YOFA Workshops by Phone

4/26 and 5/3/2006

Please note: These recordings are in streaming audio
 and downloadable Mp3 format.  
They are not physical products.

Day 1 Recording $15.90

Day 2 Recording $15.90

Day 1 and Day 2 Recordings $31.80




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