How to Get Results From the Monthly YOFA Workshops

 Dear Friend,

What is the best possible value a workshop can deliver to you? My guess is that it would benefit you in two specific ways. 

  • You would leave the workshop feeling more inspired, more empowered, and more loving toward yourself and others than you did when you came in.
  • And then, on a practical level, as your life unfolds, your dreams would come true, one by one.


YOFA workshops hold that intention so powerfully for you, that I want to make sure you get in on it at full throttle.

So here is a toolkit of suggestions.  It is designed to help you mine the workshops for the very specific gold you seek.


  1. Bring your own "clay".   You will be molding and creating your life experience in the time between workshops.  Youíll have more far reaching results when you bring something to work on that moves energy in you. (no real clay!)

    I recommend bringing two desires into focus.  One that is big and strong and is really on your mind.  And another that is light and fluffy and relatively insignificant.  A mere preference or a passing fancy. 

  2. Do an experiment.  If it is your very first YOFA workshop, Iíll give you a little preview that may allow you to feel more comfortable about attending.  The workshops provide a very safe space for you to be who you are.  You can participate if you want to.  You donít have to if you donít want to.  In every workshop we agree to honor each otherís divinity and have compassion for our humanity.   It makes for a warm and relaxed group experience.

    If this is your first workshop, I recommend that you take full advantage of the newness of the situation. Here is an easy experiment you can do.  Right before the workshop, notice how you feel.  Get a reading on your level of inspiration and empowerment.  

    Then after the workshop, check in with yourself again.  If you feel more alive and more open by the end of the workshop, gather data about what inspires you.  Tune in to what opens you to loving and accepting yourself and others.  By bringing more conscious awareness to this process you increase your command of your own mood, state, and quality of your awareness.  And of course, this becomes your point of attraction and determines what you manifest as your life unfolds.

  3. Segment Intend. Set two intentions.  Set one for what you would like to get out of the workshop.  This is a short term focusing tool.  This way, out of the broad spectrum of words that are spoken in the workshop, your filters will become ďstickyĒ for the information you are looking for.  You will hear it loud and clear when your issues are being addressed -- even if they are in the disguise of someone elseís issues.

    Then set a bigger intention Ė one that spans the whole workshop series.  This broader and more general intention will help guide you through the bigger process.  It will heighten your inner guidance in the space between workshops, which is when all the important activity (your life) is happening.

 By using these three tools, you will prepare yourself to get the kind of results you are looking for.

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Hope to see you there.

Love and Blessings,


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