The 3 Branches of The Yoga of Alignment:  



YOFA™’s healing branch revolves around the energetic alignment of the spine.  Working from the inside out, YOFA practice balances the energy of the spine through meditation and heightened awareness.  Hatha yoga, chiropractic, and other systems that promote spinal alignment are harmonious with and complimentary to the healing branch of YOFA.


o      Meditation Practice

The YOFA™ healing meditations promote a balanced and proper flow of energy through the field of being which includes that which we perceive as the physical body.

o    Philosophy  

The healing branch of YOFA is based on the chiropractic model.  It is not symptom based.  It makes no reference to named syndromes. 

o  Daily Life   

Resistance to the flow of life force can be found at the foundation of all things we perceive as problems.  Therefore, becoming skilled in using effective means to release resistance is a crucial component of the healing process.