The 3 Branches of The Yoga of Alignment:


Joyful Manifestation of the Heart’s Desire


This is the creative branch of the system.  Here we develop skill at creating our lives in a way that satisfies the soul. 

YOFA™ honors and embraces the creative process and the individual life experience.  The sincere YOFA practitioner loves life, loves people, and enjoys the unfolding of each new moment.  The true “yofi” remains open to the richness of life independent of conditions.  

Loving relationships, material abundance, joy in work, and certain aspects of the physical body manifest primarily through this branch.



Much of the material in this segment of the system flows magnificently from the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.  The Abraham teachings fill every aspect of the Yofa system, and they are particularly concentrated in this branch where we get measurable results in the realm of:.

  •  Relationships

  • Work

  • Material Abundance

  • Joy in the moment

The Monthly Women's YOFA™ Training Workshops and many private sessions (both in person and on the telephone) focus on this branch of the system.


o      The Science of Mind teachings of Ernest Holmes and the inspired message of Agape also contribute significantly to the YOFA system.

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